My NEX-6 sensor is dirty?

Started Jul 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
wb2trf Senior Member • Posts: 2,869
No problem, just clean it. Here's how

The sensor has a coating on it that makes it pretty safe to clean it if you exercise reasonable care.

First thing is to try a blower, as another poster has suggested.  Do not use a canned pressure blower as it mulitiiple risks.  The "Rocket blower" is very popular and is what I use.  Hold the nozzle and the bulb, so that the nozzle does not impact the sensor.  If the substance is not sticky, dust for example, it will blow off.

If the blower doesn't work there is a product called "lenspen" that is very good for more stubborn dirt. It comes with a brush and a carbon wand absorber.  First you brush, then you use the carbon wand.  This works very well.

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