Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Re: Camera companies and software vendors own fault

There's a lot of great comments in this post. I think most of the smart phone camera users are the same type of casual camera user's that have always been around. Their not interested in the technical side of it, they just want a convenient camera to have with them. Most of them understand that the images aren't the greatest but they work well for their needs. I think smart phones are great for this and the latest technlogy is pretty impressive for what it is. However, there is a small segment of the smart phone users that I find annoying. I like to call these people "self proclaimed camera experts" and they are ones that buy into all of the hype and advertising about the incredible photo quality of these devices and now fully believe that they are every bit as good as a DSLR. Some of these people even have their own DSLR's but, when they do use it, they never take the camera off Auto, have no clue what a Raw image is, and have only ever printed about a half dozen images at 8"x10". 99.9% of their images are viewed on their smart devices or a computer. Nonetheless, they rave about their amazing photos and scoff at people who use dedicated cameras and lenses like we are the ignorant ones. I have several friends that fall into this group of new "camera experts" and I have realized that trying to talk about picture quality and what the determining factors are is exactly like talking about religion and politics anymore. These people will not believe you no matter what facts you provide. They only see that their images look great on their small devices and that they have lots of megapixels. I have finally made it a point to never debate, even in a friendly manner, the various points of image quality to these people. If they want to believe their images are superior to anyone else's than that is their issue. Ok, mini-rant is now over.

As for smart phones completely taking over the compact camera market, I don't think so. It will be much smaller but I think there will still be plenty of good options to choose from. I would actually like to see the market less saturated anyway. The serious compacts and larger format pro and enthusiast cameras are still going to be a strong market I think because that is a separate group where higher image quality is still needed or desired.


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