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ET2 wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

You can get a Canon 50D and shoot RAW video for $500. 4k is just around the corner too. Magic Lantern just killed the high-end video market...along with BlackMagic.

High-end video has not been "killed". Hollywood movies are still shot with Alexa and Red and Sony, and that isn't going to change anytime.

You originally were talking about $4000 video cameras and that market has now completely changed . BTW, Canon has been taking over the independent and lower end professional market for the past few years. Now with RAW video output it is going to accelerate. Black Magic is doing the same. For example

"The fiercest competitor in the growing market of prosumer-priced raw video is the Black Magic Cinema Camera, and when it dropped at NAB 2012 indie filmmakers and videographers rejoiced. Considerably cheaper than its RED counterpart, the Scarlet-X, which starts at $8,000, the BMCC is priced at a mere $3,000."

Oh and we already know Hollywood movies like Act of Valor were shot mostly on Canon DSLRs that cost far less than $4000. 

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