Is it design of new GX?

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Re: Is it design of new GX?

Sean Nelson wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

GX7 might be great, but .... useless gimmicks like battery-draining WiFi and tilting EVF for the same high price are not it...

You're making the mistake of thinking that a feature that's not useful to you can't be useful to anyone. That's clearly not the case. WiFi is something I find to be very useful because I'm often mounting the camera somewhere to shoot a video and then controlling it remotely.

Why? How is it better than pressing a button on the camera itself? Can you also turn it remotely to actually follow the action? How many people do you think buy a light compact camera to use it on a tripod controlling it "remotely" (from what, 30ft, is WiFi throughput is enough to stream live view video from farther than that?)? In percentage, 0.1%? And how long is the video you can shoot while streaming it over WiFi on a distance higher than a few steps, 30 min with GH3? On E-M5/GX1 smaller battery it would be 15 then. And if you stream it to your smartphone, you will discharge its battery too.

When I don't use WiFi I just turn it off so that it doesn't have an impact on battery life.

But obviously it sucks the battery of you use it. And then you have to make sure it is off.

I'm looking for a fairly compact camera that has WiFi, at least a tilting LCD (fully articulated would be ideal) and good 1080p60 video. The EM-5 fails on two of those counts, but it sounds like this camera could be just what I'm looking for.

60p? Even Blu-ray does not do that, and I haven't seen many complaints that Blue-ray quality video is somehow insufficient even for huge 60"+ displays. Not forgetting that the size of the files is already quite taxing with 1080p30. It's just the case of diminishing returns. But obviously for those VERY FEW customers into professional video production it might matter (although why when the target format is either i60 or p24?), but then again, professionals have professional tools, not photo cameras used for video.

But rotational shake handheld is there on everything but E-M5 and E-P5, my guess it would matter for 100 times more people than invisible advantages of "beyond Blue-ray" bitrates.

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