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Flash & light meter faulty... any ideas?

You're welcome.

Now that I progressed a bit and solved my ON/OFF-button problem, I have two new problems: (1) the flash is faulty, (2) the light meter seems faulty.

(1) Either the flash button, or the solenoid, is faulty. I cannot see broken wires, so don't know what the problem is. I might have mis-re-soldered the two black wires (one from the flash solenoid, the other from the flash unit), but I don't know.

(2) The photos seem a bit too dark to me.

Both of these problems weren't there when I started, so I must have broken something (I opened and desoldered quite a lot to find the missing screw). But all my inspection did not help. Does anyone know the position of the light meter within the camera, or a hint on what might be wrong with the flash?

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