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Re: Best tripod for D800

The one tripod fits all school of thought makes no sense to me.

I have a very heavy studio tripod with a very sturdy column that does great in the studio. Changing tripod height for small adjustments when you do not have a tripod column equals self-inflicted torture. You are going to work on three adjustments (tripod legs length), you are going to lose the level adjustment, and you are going to spend a long time doing it if you want to achieve exactly a certain height.

If you do not want to go to the extent of getting a camera stand for the studio, you can buy a great studio  aluminum tripod for under $ 400 (since weight is a desirable feature in a studio tripod) and save a ton of cash. A geared column with a crank is light years easier and more precise than a sliding one.

To buy a carbon fiber tripod sturdy enough for studio work will cost you more than $ 1000.

For on location work you get another tripod that fits other requirements of portability and low weight. If you do not use and do not plan to use a very heavy tele then you can seriously contain the cost as opposed to a Gitzo series 5 that you would need to buy anyway if you were going to use one triipod to also do studio duty. Most studio photographers have no use for 400, 500, 600 or 800mm teles and the dogmas that you have to cover all possibilities with one tripod and that the most expensive CF tripod that money can buy is the only rational choice do not hold water IMO.

If you need to go on location for a fashion or other commercial shoot you are going to have to bring so much gear that saving a few pounds for a less functional and more expensive tripod makes no sense to me whatsoever.

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