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To Dave Luttmann:

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I had a 5d, a 5D2 and now a 5D3. I liked the IQ of the 5d, HOWEVER, the camera is a dust magnet!!!!! You will most likely have to deal with dust, dust and dust! I remember buying a sensor cleaner,

Um, magnet? No. You realize that a 35mm image sensor is 2.5 times bigger than aps-c which is why it may seem to attract more dust, it just has more area to "gather" dust on.

There are other factors that affect how much dust is a problem, such as construction materials and how much of an electrostatic charge builds up. The 5D Mark I was notorious.

5D mark I? Never heard of that model, was it a minor update to the 5D? As far as I know, there's only been 3 EOS 5D models.

Both of these issues were addressed with the Mark II, along with the introduction of dust mapping and an automatic cleaning system.

Having had a Mark I, II & III, I concur that dust was a major issue with the Mark I, and that

^ are you saying that you cannot connect 5D mk1 to the first generation of the 5D series, or just trolling for post count?

He's saying the camera is called a 5D....they never made a 5D mk1 nor a 5D Classic. Are you saying you cannot grasp that ever so simple concept?

Dave...some people are beyond help. I have always agreed with you. A 5D is a 5D is a 5D and not what others mislabel it or imagine in their mind.

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