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I am talking about overall AF response time and AF lock-on speed. From what I have heard 5D3 edges out D800 in both areas that help you to capture the moment and improve AF hit rate.

Not only your sentences are meaningless but I love how you use words, "could be" "heard" and so on.
It maybe partially through (it was based on opinions only) that at the beginning 5D3 had better AF in low light but no longer  true after FW upgrade. And again, this has nothing to do with the subject movement no matter how many time you are going to go OT.

Why in the world would I sell very excellent zoom lens for a prime which is not any better? And please don't start me on that.

Sigma 120-300/2.8 OS is not as good as Canon 300L/2.8 IS II as latter not only sharper but AF lock on faster that would help you in your job. I also believe two cameras not one camera solution.

That is very debatable in the first place but why are you even talking about it since it is not the problem?

It will improve your AF lock-on speed and will be sharper if you use two cameras.

No, it won't. AF lock has nothing to do with the subject movement blur at the low shutter speed. Only higher shutter speed can freeze the subject if flash is not used.

The problem is to stop subject movement and the only way to do it is with high shutter speed that 5D3 can't provide because I have to use proper exposure and I can't.

Again my point is that 5D3 with better Canon lenses will help you to improve hit rate. But still technically no difference between you shoot at ISO 3200 then push 2-stop back and at ISO 12800 or slightly lower.

How many times do I have to tell you that hit rate is not a problem?

Did you ever talk blurry? I bet many of some of those blurry not caused by shutter speed but a small lag of AF lock-on speed in panning mode.

What panning mode? Did I ever say I am panning? I said I pre-focus and wait for expression.

And all those pictures I delete I can clearly see movement blur, not focus blur. People are not moving a while lot but just enough to create movement. Even a sudden smile can create a blur if picture is taken during the face movement.

And yes there is big difference between shooting Nikon at 3200 with pushing and Canon at 12800.

No, 5D3 doesn't have more banding issue than D800 at ISO 3200.

Wrong. It is not just 3200 ISO but 2 or more stops of underexposing.And it does not have to be ISO 3200 either. 5D3 just like all other Canon cameras produce banding even at low ISO of 100.

Did you look at the links I provided? Just Google 5D3 and "banding" and you will see how many complaints will come up.

And just because you keep repeating over and over again you can't wish banding away.

From what I have read, 5D AF lock-on speed is faster, shooting fast, better in AI-servo mode and more responsible overall that will increase your hit rate

Again, hit rate is not a problem. Sudden subject movement is.

Again it's partially related to AF lock-on speed and hope you get. How many PJs use Canon cameras as we see in TV these days?

They use flash that stops movement. Not related to AF-lock in my situation. Again, you don't have any experience so why are you even arguing?

Of course Canon cameras have banding, even at normal exposure. There are several posts here about it, just search.

All cameras have banding more or less. Canon banding is ONLY obviously when you severely underexpose and then push many stops especially in base ISO.

So finally you admit it!!!!! That more or less goes like this: Canon MORE, Nikon LESS. You really have to go out your way to create banding on D800. I have not seen it yet. I mostly shoot with D800 for highlights so I underexpose a lot on purpose. That is my style and I choose it because I can. Have not found a single legitimate proof that D800 has any banding unless camera malfunctions.

I don't care about DXO, they change their minds every five seconds. Besides even at high ISO the difference is minor. How often do you shoot at 12800 or higher?

the question is for you actually, as you seem need to shoot at ISO 12800.

Please don't tell me what I need and what I don't. I have a lot more experience than you do obviously.
I will not shoot at 12800 because at this point noise will destroy sharpness on either camera.

I care what I can do with 5D3 and D800. 5D3 can't even recover from ISO 100. Just a quick search.

Rubbish. D800's advantage is ONLY obvious in your shooting style that you severely underexposed photos, and then push shadows many stops back at base ISO. I'd not shoot in that way as I said.

a) it's mainly for his balance purpose in his report otherwise overwhelmingly he prefers 5D3 and he used 5D3 most times in real world shooting; b) Fred himself said it's better for 5D3 to overexpose a little bit upto +1EV (or ETTR technique that I used); c) it's just for demo purpose so he didn't further process.

When Canon snob post something like that and admits it, it needs to be multiplied by a thousand times and advertized by Nikon on every corner. Fred just like you can come up with any excuse you want. The fact remains the same. 5D3 has banding no matter how much you are going to sugar coat it!!!!!!

And if you believe DXO so much how about DXO sensor rating? D800e-96, 5D3-81!!!! Now that is HUGE difference.

a) DXOMark summary total score is highly subjective and vastly overweighed on specific factor such as shadow DR; b) if we check detailed test data except 2-stop DR advantage in shadow areas at base ISO, 5D3 sensor stands well with D800 (such as SNR) in other areas; c) Sensors alone don't take photos but must together with lenses, then the gap is quickly narrowed.

Oh, so now, after you quoted DXO, it suddenly became subjective.

You don't even have D800 and all you do is reading hearsay.

I don't even know why I allowed myself to get sucked in to pointless conversation with you.


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