Is it design of new GX?

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Re: Is it design of new GX?

FrankS009 wrote:

Having handled it in the store, the E-M5 did not suit me. Panasonic bodies and ergonomics are better, at least for me. Therefore the new camera will add something to the EM5 by that important criterion alone whatever other advantages it might have.

Do you know that? It is going to be a small body, without large grip. What added ergonomics?

Is a tilting EV useless? I have never used one, but it seems a good idea.

How is it a good idea? An extra breaking point, for what? Again, what is the value, except for the people with a neck brace shooting sky? It is not like tilting screen which you can use to shoot overhead or from low level. If you brought the camera to the eye, it's much more convenient to just tilt the head with the camera.

Your final remark that "Most people who were interested in a good full-featured m43 camera have bought E-M5 a year or more ago." makes a lot of unwarranted assumptions to say the least. I for one am interested in a good full-featured m4/3rds camera, chose not to buy the EM5, and plan to buy the GX7 instead if it is as rumoured. Nor would those who bought the GH3 agree with you, for example. There are different m4/3rd models that are full featured, both Panasonic and Olympus, that members of this forum may have purchased. Some like myself are waiting for the GX7.

See the word "most"? How many have actually bought GH3? I bet much fewer than E-M5, and again, just because E-M5 was much earlier, cheaper and have 5-axis stabilization which is more important for many than mic input and 25 fps.

To each his or her own. I take it that you did buy a EM5 and I hope you enjoy it.


As I think many. GX7 might be great, but a catch-up camera coming late and missing something is not going to be as successful. Again, they might add something substantial yet, I don't know. Or might provide almost E-M5 for $500. But useless gimmicks like battery-draining WiFi and tilting EVF for the same high price are not it (and for the same reason I don't think much about E-P5 either - it's not going to be a success). Again:

1) fast and reliable AF-C with tracking

2) better high ISO (and not unsubstantially, at least 2/3EV)

3) global electronic shutter.

Have you seen any of that in the rumors?

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