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DtEW wrote:

SushiEater wrote:

I could use a stronger word to describe your condition but I am sure now that you are CRAZY and certainly don't have a clue and experience. The whole idea behind this shot was not to overblown the sky at 30 second exposure to get a misty look from water.

I think in your claimed massive amount of experience, you missed that the D800's "ISO50" (LO1) is actually an expansion, i.e. digitally pulled from ISO100. See here:

If the "whole idea behind this shot was not to overblown (sic) the sky at 30 second exposure to get a misty look from water," then congratulations... you choice of "ISO50" made the sky that much easier to blow out by shrinking your highlight range.

And you don't see much grain or noise, you are just saying it. In fact all I did is converted from RAW without any processing for noise or banding for that matter.

Here is a very small 100% crop at full resolution. There is no noise, period.

Post your 5D3 shot in this situation and lets see what it looks like.

Actually, a 5DMKIII user (not to mention a competent D800 user) at ISO100 and an ND2 filter would do this shot much better than your attempt. Could've probably even gone to 1 minute for much smoother water, since the reduction in highlight range going from the D800's ISO100 to LO1 ("ISO50") is about 1 entire stop.

Exactly, no need to shoot at ISO 50 if he exposed on front darker areas not on bright sky.  This is a typical scene should use a filter as there is clear horizontal line there.  I personally would use a 10-stop Lee Bigstopper that water will be very smooth and could add another GND for sky if necessary.

I make no claims for the relative capabilities for the two cameras, just that your "experience" claim is somewhat dubious.

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