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You almost can't go wrong...

... with any Nikon body and glass.

I agree with a lot of the posters here, you gain nothing practical between the 5100 to the 5200, and you can get great deals on a 5100 these days.

As for the glass, don't get talked into buying more than you need to get started. The kit 18-55 with VR is a perfectly usable lens, and even if you get a better wide zoom later you'll still want to keep it for those times when you don't want to risk the "better" lens.

In regards to the long zooms, if you end up with a kit that contains the 55-300 don't fret about it, there is nothing wrong with that lens. When you get to the point of wanting to make 20x30 prints of your incredible nature photos you'll have upgraded already anyway

If you -don't- end up with a two-lens kit, I want to throw one more zoom recommendation in the ring: the Tamron 70-300 f/4.0-5.6 SP Di VC USD XLD. The street price on this lens is around $450 and it is a fantastic piece of glass for the money. I've had several different variants of Tamron's 70-300 and have had great results and no problems with any of them.

Now, here is a bit of advice not put on the table in the rest of the thread: take it as you like, as every person is different (thankfully!): as an emerging photographer with a new DSLR, there is no predicting what you'll actually enjoy photographing.

You'll likely find yourself shooting lots of things that you didn't expect. My goal was always urban landscapes/urbex, but as a Dad the reality is that 90% of my photography has become children. And I found that I actually really enjoy it. Kids, school events, dance recitals, each has its own challenges. But the rewards are great (parents love getting a nicely shot 5x7 of their kid at a friend's birthday party or school event).

So with that in mind, I'm going to suggest now that you will want a shoe-mount flash sooner rather than later. For kids, holidays, experimenting, creative options, etc. it can be an indispensable tool. Don't spend a lot, I use Nissin Di 622 units and they're great.

Enjoy your photography and -whatever- Nikon you get!


Bill C.

Austin, TX

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