A leap of faith.

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Faith? That's a brilliant move.

Mark my words... you could turn a profit on it today, but by the end of the year, you will be able to sell that lens for a very tidy profit. There will be a sudden resurgence in interest with the HG and SHG ZD's, after this fall. That's not faith, that's common sense and thinking for yourself, instead of following the 'doom and gloom' of the herd.

I will be particularly interested to hear what you find when comparing that lens to the 50-200. I bought a 35-100 last fall, for one of the reasons you probably got the 90-250: I had dreamed of one for ages, but the price always stopped me. So when I found one cheap last fall, I thought I'd live out a dream and get it. Okay, let's see what this bad boy can do.

What I have found so far is: in good light, there isn't much difference between the 35-100 and 50-200. It's when the light gets dim that the 35-100 seems to exhibit more definition. Not a lot, but it's there. Is it worth the extra price, and the extra weight? Hard to say.

The funny thing is, though... I usually take the 35-100 instead of the 50-200, unless I want the extra reach. That's so I won't be wondering... how much better would that shot have been if I had brought the 35-100? In that respect, the 35-100 has been a bit of a curse, as it is heavy. But I still bring it along.

It is delightful to live out a dream, and that's worth something.

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