Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Re: Early adopters dying breed?

Tootsall wrote:

I for one would welcome a bit of a contraction on the supply side of quality photo gear...it's getting too dang hard to decide if you want that latest Canon or Pany or Fuji, and which style of camera and which model and, and, and....

Your analysis makes sense to me.  I've been trying to "research" what was going on with film cameras many years ago.  There seemed to be a thriving market for both SLRs and medium format cameras (even more manufacturers than we have now making the same types of digital stuff I think) and there were also a huge number of point-and-shoot 35mm cameras of all types, and also the 110 cameras and disposables.  Most companies seemed able to stay in business -- until the digital age hit and many dropped out.  I don't think new models were being introduced so often, though.

I've wondered if it isn't a problem related to the fact that sensors are driving the train.  Sony has dominated the sensor business and, each time there's a new sensor, everyone has to incorporate it into a new model camera.  For all I know, the interface with the sensor requires major redesign of the electronics and processors -- even heat dissipation may have to be addressed.  Lots of costly R&D I'd guess.

I think the supply side should have contracted years ago.  I think Canon is the only one who, in reality, did so, and they get criticized because their new models often seem to be repackaging of their previous models -- but I think they may have found the best approach.  And they now do all their own sensors which makes them more independent.

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