Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Re: Early adopters dying breed?

Kevin..that's true. However, isn't that a reflection on the camera manufacturers who, in a sprint to the bottom of the marketing barrel (in which they attempt to extract the maximum profit for the minimum cost), always have to have a "new" version out each year to the extent that their firmware is often faulty and needs upgrades shortly after product release and we actually attempt to predict to the week or day when the announcement will be made? I don't think cameras are dying off so much as we're so over-saturated with new models having new "features" that we're becoming jaded. (One is tempted to wonder how much landfill is loaded with photo gear these days...soon there will be a "camera disposal fee" included in the initial purchase price!)

I don't see cameras dying off: there are just more people "hooked" on the drugs of IM, Facebook, Instagram and "social networking" that they don't have the time or patience to learn and practice how to take GOOD photos. (How many photos do you see of people, their faces jammed together smirking for their friends to see, while one of them is apparently reaching for something out where the camera is located?)  As an example my eldest son recently returned from a 6-week trip through parts of Europe.  His camera?  An old I-Pad!  The quality of his photos accurately reflected the quality of both his "photo" gear and his skill set.

I for one would welcome a bit of a contraction on the supply side of quality photo gear...it's getting too dang hard to decide if you want that latest Canon or Pany or Fuji, and which style of camera and which model and, and, and....

Just an evolution..."This too, shall pass".

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I know you think you understand what I said but I'm not sure that you realize that what I said is not what I meant.

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