RX100 Reliability

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Re: Now let's go through some of these...

Blank LCD was a first I've seen, but I didn't say that was recurring, only that the camera seemed plagued with problems. You're right about the stuck ring and the memory card, I'd forgotten the details of those threads. I never said I'd test it, only that I'd give it another try, which I did -  bought a second one.

Nonetheless, James Maxwell still got lens freeze, as did 2 people on Flikr ("RX100 locking up.") and Matthew Friedman on YouTube ("RX100 Problems." where he videos the lens opening and retracting on it's own. Spooky). So I still stand by my impression that the RX100 has more than it's share of mechanical issues. You're right again that it's not only this forum, but was gathered from a few other sites. If you can show me where Olympus and Panasonics have such issues (I mean compacts -  the DSLR's are a whole mother animal) then I'll change my mind. I just don't see it. On the other hand, probably not worth spending the time. I think we both made our points and others can weight in on this vital issue of our time!

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