How to make Light Room 4 recognize my B drive

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Re: How to make Light Room 4 recognize my B drive

Zaaphod wrote:

I found this thread because I also decided to make my new 4TB hard drive B: I copied all my lightroom data to my B:\drive and it works fine from there.. except, I can't import to B: DOH! It's simply not in the list of drives.

Yes it's true, A: and B: were used for floppy drives back in the stone ages, but floppy drives have been obsolete for quite a few years, and the B: drive used as a second floppy drive has been obsolete for DECADES... there is just no use for 2 floppy drives on a system with a hard drive on it. In fact most teenagers these days don't even know what a floppy drive or floppy disk is and have never ever in fact seen one, and they don't even know what CDs are either.

Technology is moving forward. So there is ABSOLUTLY NO REASON TO NOT USE B:\ for a hard drive and there has been no reason to use it for quite some time now. I used B:\ for my new hard drive because I was out of letters... I am now so used to all my network drive assignments that moving them all around is just not worth it when I have a perfectly usable and otherwise useless A:\ and B:\ I find it very short sighted that Adobe refuses to allow you to import to the B:\ drive even if that is where your catalog is!

So... anyway... there is a work around, one which others may find helpful, but is ironically not all that useful to me...

you can use the SUBST command to call your drive something else.. just for lightroom... so something like SUBST U: B:\ would make your entire B: drive look like U: as well and lightroom will import to it just fine...

this solution is useless for myself, because U: is a network drive attachment, so I would have to disconnect that and reconnect it when I was done.

It's time to give up A: and B: get with the times, no one on the planet earth is ever going to plug in a floppy drive ever again!! there is no reason for adobe to be leaving these out of the list of importable drives when the operating system is recognizing them as fixed or network drives!!

Backwards compatibility is a tricky issue sometimes.  Because A: and B: used to be used differently, operating systems treated them differently. Because they weer different in the OS, applications treated them differently. Now even though users may not ever use them, the OS and applications still might.  Whoever changes first will probably break other tings, so it is not likely to change soon.

For example, there are remote control cards that allow virtual media to be loaded on drive A to boot from.  Drive B may not be used, but the OS allows drive B to exist even without anything attached different behavior than any other drive letter), so those two will probably live a long long time.

Depending on your OS, you might look at mount points. Mount points allow you to assign a drive to a folder within another drive.  They can be cumbersome, but may solve your problem (Your new drive would not be B:, but could be c:\extra_drive)

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