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Re: Need help with first DSLR

Nexu1 wrote:

If Gilly wants to shoot wildlife then something like the 70-300 is pretty much a necessity (at least a 55-200). 105mm doesn't give enough zoom IMO. 70-300 is a little expensive (relatively speaking) but it's very darn good at what it does.

Gilly, I think there is almost always confusion with new DSLR owners and the term "portrait" (I know there was with me). Satik is right in that the 35mm is not a true "portrait" lens (in photographer terms). What that means is if you're going to get a shot where the head & shoulder pretty much fill the entire frame of your photo, no crop, then you want a longer focal length, probably 60mm or above. Distortion, when it comes to portraits, is the result of camera to subject distance when doing a headshot. With the 35mm you'd be looking at sticking your camera about 2 feet from your subject to get a photo where their head pretty much fills the frame (I just tried this in my kitchen). With the camera this close up in someone's face, yes, you can get facial distortion (it'll be worse on adults than children). With the 35mm my recommendation would be to take the photo from a little further back, say 4-5 feet, and crop. Not "perfect" but usable. The 35mm isn't meant to take photos where someone's head takes up the entire picture, but rather, you get at least half their body (at this tight of a shot you'll be just fine for distortion- no worries). I find the 35mm a great first prime. The price to performance ratio is almost unbeatable. If you get into true portraits (head or head+shoulder) enough the 85mm f1.8g (at $500) becomes a great pair with the 35. They compliment each other very, very well.

I agree with you. However, I still think that start with one universal lens like 18-105 give you more feelings what you need. Depending what you mean by wildlife this lens can make great pictures. If the main area of interest will be birds than even 70-300 mm is not enough for small fellows. I also bought my 35 mm as first prime, but somehow cannot find much usage for it. I prefer my 90 mm any day - I use it as a portrait, macro and wildlife. Just saying my experience.



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