Is it design of new GX?

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Re: Is it design of new GX?

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I think this is close (but not exact) design of GL camera

I really am surprised there hasn't been more excitement expressed on this forum regarding the new Pany rangefinder model with EVF (GX7)? If you look over on 43rumors you will find that Pany has already said it is coming soon (August?) and 43rumors say the specs of new 18mp sensor, 2 axis IBIS, tilting inbody EVF, inbody flash among others are confirmed FT5.

So basically it adds nothing to E-M5 (except having non-removable flash in body instead of replaceable flash in the box and useless tilting-up EVF - the feature apparently requested by people with neck braces for shooting skies), while removing 5-axis image stabilization and weather sealing. And the sensor quality is unknown, while sensor quality in E-M5 is very good.

Earlier spec rumors were 2.3mp EVF, I would guess most likely Epson's latest UHimicron 0.48" XGA EVF with 1024 x 768 resolution or twice the resolution in the current EM5.

2.3 is not twice of 1.44. Not that resolution of E-M5s EVF is the camera's biggest problem, or problem at all, at that apparent view it is more than enough. And 2.3mpix EVF is just your speculation at this point, it as well may be 200kpix EVF from LF1, right? And given the size contraints, I doubt it is going to be something like VF-4.

If the patent sketches are to scale this new GX7 will be similar size to existing GX1 inspite of adding EVF.


What has happened to this forum? Aren't we interested to know of new exciting developments by any manufacture? Too often people venturing to post a new thread for information or comment receive little or no response.

Most people who were interested in a good full-featured m43 camera have bought E-M5 a year or more ago. Any new development should concentrate on pushing the envelope further, and that would include improving AF-C+tracking, high ISO and global electronic shutter. No rumors like these, unfortunately.

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