How do I print only a section of an image in LR?

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Re: How do I print only a section of an image in LR?

Todd Jones wrote:

mikes wrote:

Just crop it to 1/4th and print it @ 8x10. It will be exactly as you desire.

Thanks Mike. That would work in my present case, and that's all I asked.

But now I'm wondering if there are other more general ways to easily accomplish this kind of thing when the numbers are not so even. Could I somehow crop a random size and shape and print that on 8x10 at the same size and resolution as the entire 16 x 20" print?

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I wish you could just select, not crop in the print module any size image you wanted to print or export so you wouldn't need to crop away the original. I know the original file size is still there after cropping but I think it would be nice to always be working with the entire image on your screen and just export that 8X10 or square or whatever size your going to print in lightroom or outside of lightroom.

Use Qimage to print. You will then be able to size your strip to exactly the size you want to. I sometimes print test strips (just like we did in the darkroom) and use this method. I don't print from LR or PS even though I use those two programmes all the time.

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