As an avid m4/3 (and other ILC) user, let me chime in here....

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Re: Lets look at some evidence.....

vinrouge0 wrote:

I have read many of your posts over the years, mainly in the M43 Forum so I am aware that you are a very experienced and knowledgable photographer. You will be well aware therefore that image quality is not about lab test benches it is about the quality of the output that can be achieved from good processing particularly from RAW. As a user of both cameras like yourself I am aware of the strength and weaknesses of both cameras but I repeat myself again, in my view the output from the 'M' is more pleasing to the eye than the EM5 [yes subjective I know]. Whatever the labs say, the EM5 images are 'gritty and digital' with noise that has to dealt with in the processing stage at lower ISO than the 'M'.

I totally agree about the subjectiveness of final output, there are some qualities and subtleties that can't really be easily defined. I'm really referring to the noise produced by both these camera, that is something that can be measured and defined, and ultimately it has a knock on effect to many other things. The evidence suggests that it's too close to call on the noise between these camera and my own eyes tell me this is pretty much true, at least IMHO. However, I actually really like the resolution (with the two lenses I have ) and colour from the EOS-M and I've already sold the OMD, though not for reasons of IQ I have to say.
I'm not looking for an argument, just trying to add some balance. I actually have a small black box which focuses like a snail and sounds like it's going to expire every time I start it up. It cost me a fraction of the cost of either the EOS-M or the OMD but at base ISO it wipes the floor with both of them - IMHO, it's called the Sigma DP2X, so I do indeed understand the nuances and subjectivity of ones opinion on IQ. I'm only pointing out the measurable and quantifiable differences which can impact everything else. Maybe the differences some can see can be attributed to different raw convertors, I use LR4 FWIW.
anyway, I hope to keep the debate respectful, thanks for doing the same.

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