Is this banding normal Panasonic G5 ISO 800

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RayRene wrote:

Thank you for your feedback, I am new with the G5 and my brother was taking photos with his Canon 60D and I didn't notice that problem with the 60D.

I took this one at ISO 160 60 secs (stars are blurred because of earth movement, didn't know that, I am new taking night pics), I don't notice the banding that much.

Not sure what's going on in this picture; there's a lot less noise than a GX1 exposure. It says it's using the G5, which may have different algorithms for noise reduction. For sure the textures on the tree leaves and rocks are getting smeared like crazy.

On my GX1 I noticed banding, shadow noise (luminance noise) even at base ISO on "bright" exposures in dark areas. There was also a very bad "speckle" pattern on the images. If LENR is enabled, the speckle pattern disappeared, which was great, but I didn't know when I was taking my photos either. Still, double exposure times on 60s shots is annoying and it drains the battery a lot. IMO the sensor should not be that noisy at base ISO. Hopefully they improve this in the GX7.

3770 wrote:

secretworld wrote:

Yes I was going to suggest this too:

The only remedy is to turn on long exposure NR, it makes a huge difference.


I don't have any problems with banding or that much noise either (I use a G5 as well) . But as always less noise with lower ISO. You can also use black-frame subtraction, but long exposure NR is often more convenient if time is on your side.

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Is there black frame subtraction software that works with RAWs?
There's one that does Nikon/Canon but I haven't found one that does DNG/panasonic.

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