A leap of faith.

Started Jul 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
rovingtim Veteran Member • Posts: 8,637
You can't lose

That big lens can generate nice images.

And even if you end up finding the lens isn't to your taste (chiropractor bills too high?), you could make a killing reselling it.

I handled this lens at the launch of the E3 (when everything in pro 4/3rds suddenly got bigger) and it was simply too big for me. The 50-200 + ec 1.4 gives a similar reach at a fraction of the weight.

Now you own one and I don't, I would be interested if you find significant performance differences between this lens and the 50-200.

The bokeh you show in your OP is nice, but I can do that with the 50-200 if there is enough separation.

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