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Re: A1200: aperture control and common sense (or lack thereof)

waterwingz wrote:

edu T wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

Wow, what a bad design. I guess that's why they needed to include the built-in ND filter.

Very few of the less expensive Canon Powershots have a variable iris (same for other camera brand low end models too). They rely on changing the shutter speed and ISO setting to get the correct exposure.

Which makes more sense?

(the quotes are from this thread.)

A. "The camera does not have a fixed aperture as DOF does change at the aperture settings and that is possible due to a mechanical aperture mechanism."

B. "There is no adjustable iris on the A1200" (implying an ND filter kicks in to decrease exposure changing nada else).

The more detailed, or less vague, aforementioned official datasheet describes the aperture as "Circular (Used together with ND filter), f/number = 2.8/8.0 (W), 5.9/f/17 (T)". May I remember that the difference between f/2 and f/8 as well as between f/5.9 an f/17 is exactly 3-stop; coincidence?

So what you are saying is that the f-stop range is only a function of the zoom position with the ND filter in or out?

And "f-stop" only with regards to exposure, not depth of field diffraction blah blah blah

No change in aperature diameter at any setting. Makes sense to me.

I merely backed with details your (sound) insight; it was you who brought it forth. Kudos.

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