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Re: Need help with first DSLR

GillyTheKid wrote:

Nexu1 wrote:

GillyTheKid wrote:

What do you think of this setup?

All refurbs

d5100 - $349 at Cameta

Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 - $209 at Cameta

Nikon 70-300mm - $349 at Cameta (or $325 at Roberts. I haven't been to that site yet)

This is a very good kit, capable of very good shots.

The main thing you are missing, in my opinion, is a lens to shoot in low light, which is what people typically want/need for photographing the children. If you want to take pictures of the kids in the house (birthday parties, Christmas, random Saturday morning, etc...), you want/need either the 35mm f1.8g or 50mm f1.8g. The wide aperture will allow you to collect more light which will allow you to shoot without a flash, faster shutter speed and also with a shallow depth of field (blur the background a little bit) which will give you the "WOW" type shots you're really after.

Me personally, I'd take the 18-55, 70-300, 35mm f1.8 over the 18-105 & 70-300. If photographing the kids is a priority the 35mm is a must have.

Wow! Stunning quality pics! Cute little guy.

I had questioned that 18-105mm choice after posting this last and decided that the 18-55mm as a better option since I'd have the 300mm option. But seeing your pics for the 35mm, I'm sold, and now want the 35mm as well.

I only hope I can take as good of shots with the 5100.

I would still go with 18-105, it is great lens, which covers wide range of subjects. Try shooting with that couple of months and then look which focal length you are using most. That will help you in choosing next lens. I would even wait with 70-300 mm, if you see that it is needed you can buy it later. Just remember that changing of lenses although not complicated is not something you want to do every couple of minutes. 35 mm is not that great for face portraits, you have to be too close and face is distorted. For portraits usually 85 mm is recommended. I have 90 mm macro lens which can be used for portraits and like it a lot.

Good luck.



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