RX100 Reliability

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Re: Sample of one...

Total baloney. This camera is plagued with problems. I'm on my second one after the lens froze up after 2 weeks. I got tired of replying to threads here written by fed-up Rx100 users, but I'll make an exception here because I'm tired of apologists who claim "it's only anecdotal" or "it's rare." If you follow this forum for a couple of months you can't miss it. It's clearly beyond the frequency that you see for Panasonic, Olympus. I just bought an HX50V, so I don't think it's the brand. Their other cameras don't get this amount of complaint. I think they tried to put so much into so tiny a package without enough quality testing before they rolled it out, but that's just a guess. The image quality is so great on this camera I gave it another shot. Probably won't be a third.

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