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I have or had all three of these cameras. I am a long time Canon user.

1. Canon 5D Mark III

2. Nikon D800

5. Nikon D600

D600 - I had endless problems with white balance, which is why I eventually sold the camera. The dust issue is/was real and unacceptable in my opinion. IQ was probably the best of all three of theses cameras by a small margin. AF is OK but not as good as the D800. I think they have fixed the white balance and if they fixed the dust then this camera would move up to number 3.

D800 - Excellent camera with excellent IQ. 36mpx rarely adds any value unless you are on a tripod with an excellent lens and perfect technique. However, the extra megapixes do not make the IQ any worse. They do however make image processing significantly slower. For a wedding photographer who does thousands of images in a day this can be a big issue. For personal use the camera is excellent. Shooting bank system is just about the dumbest thing I have seen in 45 years of working with electronic and camera stuff.

Canon 5D Mark III. IQ is very close to the D600 and D800. The Nikons have slightly better IQ but focus errors and lenses will make more difference. Excellent AF - better than either of the Nikons. Better line up of lenses. L-series lenses have consistent quality, consistent contrast, consistent colours. The silent shutter mode is very nice. For non intrusive photography the only thing better is a leaf shutter or a point and shoot with electronic shutter. Must be used to understand just how much quieter this is than the D800 or D600.

My 2cents from owning and using all three cameras. I have kept the D800 for the 14-24 and 28-300VR. For the rest I prefer Canon lenses.

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