Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Re: Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

jmgiv wrote:

Not a particularly perky article.


http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/were-taking-more-pictures-ever-so-why-are-cameras-dying-6C10607491 .

"You would think that in a world where hundreds of thousands of photos are shared every minute, camera makers would be absolutely in heaven. Instead, they're struggling to maintain both their income and their relevance...For almost a decade, digital camera sales mounted as people ditched their old pocket 35mm cameras for digital cameras of all shapes and sizes, with shipments peaking at 120 million in 2008. Then growth stalled...consumer trends — combined with the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan, affecting camera makers' production lines — caused the photo industry to withdraw into a sort of stasis, from which, sales-wise at least, it has never emerged...While point and shoot sales are collapsing, taking billions off the bottom line, DSLRs and mirrorless systems are selling well. But if the Canons, Nikons, and Pentaxes of the world are not just to survive but to thrive, they need to change big time; hence the comments from Nikon's President."

I think is the way things evolves. It happened to the music in the '90s. When mp3 appeared it was more convenient to have 1 little device capable of playing and storing 1000 songs in mp3 format than to carry 80 compact disc in a case. And yes, the standard mp3 files that everyone have doesn't have the same sound quality, but who cares? For most people the sound is the same (even for me). Is a trade, quality for space and convenience.With cameras is the same. Who cares if the phone doesn't take images with the same quality of a dedicated camera? most people use the images for sharing on facebook and I see thousands of horrible images with tons of "likes" and comments like "very good picture", "so nice!", etc. And again, is a trade, the phone is always with you and you can also talk, surf the web, play music, videos, etc. I think Samsung got the point with the galaxy camera.
Nothing is forever!!! just 60 years ago people travel from a continent to another in a ship. Now we travel in airplane, even having just 70 cm (or less) between our seat and the seat in front of us, and ships are only for pleasure and containers.
Just my thoughts


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