EOS-M noise reduction settings

Started Jul 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: EOS-M noise reduction settings

Are you shooting [A]+ mode or P mode?  I believe that in the former it is limited to Auto ISO.  You may be better to switch to the Basic Zone and then choose landscape.

As the previous poster said, if you are using a point and shoot (your Nikon 8400) it will have vast depth of field, so everything will be pretty much in focus.  The EOS M is a much different animal with an APS sized sensor so the lens will need to be stopped down more to get more depth of field.

What lens are you using?  Did you check your other settings?  F-stop? Shutter speed?  Also you have to check your point of focus, more critical than your Nikon.

Hope that helps,


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