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Re: Need help with first DSLR

GillyTheKid wrote:

Nexu1 wrote:

GillyTheKid wrote:

What do you think of this setup?

All refurbs

d5100 - $349 at Cameta

Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 - $209 at Cameta

Nikon 70-300mm - $349 at Cameta (or $325 at Roberts. I haven't been to that site yet)

This is a very good kit, capable of very good shots.

The main thing you are missing, in my opinion, is a lens to shoot in low light, which is what people typically want/need for photographing the children. If you want to take pictures of the kids in the house (birthday parties, Christmas, random Saturday morning, etc...), you want/need either the 35mm f1.8g or 50mm f1.8g. The wide aperture will allow you to collect more light which will allow you to shoot without a flash, faster shutter speed and also with a shallow depth of field (blur the background a little bit) which will give you the "WOW" type shots you're really after.

Me personally, I'd take the 18-55, 70-300, 35mm f1.8 over the 18-105 & 70-300. If photographing the kids is a priority the 35mm is a must have.

Wow! Stunning quality pics! Cute little guy.

I had questioned that 18-105mm choice after posting this last and decided that the 18-55mm as a better option since I'd have the 300mm option. But seeing your pics for the 35mm, I'm sold, and now want the 35mm as well.

I only hope I can take as good of shots with the 5100.

Thank you for the compliments.  The 18-105 is a very good lens, the only reason I'd recommend the 18-55 over it is if it saves you enough money to buy the 35mm f1.8g.  The 18-105 would compliment the 35mm very well too (if you can afford it).  Once you start shooting indoors quite a bit you will VERY quickly realize that the light inside SUCKS!  Our eyes/brains compensate for the low light and everything might look "normal" but for the camera it's almost always relatively low light which equals flash unless you have a fast aperture lens like a 1.8 option.  Now there is nothing wrong with flash either, if you learn to do it right (the learning curve for flash photography is very steep I recommend you get "good" with the camera first and tackle that later).

In my living room right now I get 1/20 second shutter speed at f4 and ISO200.  I step outside and I get 1/800 at f4 and ISO 200.  It's crazy how quickly our brains adapt to the low light that we typically live in, indoors.  1/20 is too slow to capture anything moving.  Throw on a f1.8 lens and I'm at... 1/80 indoors (still at ISO200).

The f1.8 aperture really helps indoors.

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