Is this red cloth thing a real proble of GR?

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Re: Is this red cloth thing a real proble of GR?

cptrios wrote:

Ugh, this again? Interestingly, I've never actually looked at the JPEGs in this comparison...and they're an even more extreme example of my original conclusion. Yeah, the Ricoh doesn't seem to differentiate much between the light red and dark red on the cloth - but the level of detail in the cloth itself is much, much better than on the A. The A's detail is totally fuzzed out. It's almost as though Ricoh overcorrected for the tendency of pretty much every digital camera I've ever used to saturate reds way too much.

The GR had a serious "flogging" for its  "reds" when there was only a few in captivity.  Now that "everyone" has one the problem seems to have gone away.

We must draw our own conclusions.

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