The Regrets of Photography

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Re: The Regrets of Photography

I went on a two week trip to Scotland a while back.  It required two planes, 3 trains, and a hovercraft to get there.  We were traveling on unreliable airline passes that didn't quite get us to the UK.  After a couple days in Scotland, we ended up in a town called Stonehaven.  I dropped my camera and broke it before I got a chance to take photos of the place.  Here's what the scenery around Stonehaven looks like if you've never been there:

(that's not my photo... obviously)

I was supposed to be the photographer for our group so we don't have any photos from the rest of the trip (this was before cell phones with cameras).  I'm more dissappointed that there are no visual reminders of all the fun our group had than I am about not getting a chance to photograph the beautiful scenery.  Other than breaking my camera it was an incredible two weeks.

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