A leap of faith.

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First, and foremost, what a screaming deal!  I'm glad this came your way as I'm sure it will re-energize your photographic interests.  Congratulations!

CollBaxter wrote:

I checked it out it's fine and came with both bags and the lens hood and the protective filter , the only thing was there is no lens cap. A 105 mm lens cap is not that easy to come by.

This lens does not come with a lens cap.  The lens cover is a soft, padded fabric cover that fits over the end of the lens (Olympus part LC-140) and costs about $25 here in the US.

90-250 Lens cover

As for the performance of this lens with the EC20 I can attest that I'm always amazed at the results.  As you've seen, the bokeh is fantastic and even wide open the results are superb.  I'll be posting this pic in the Sunday Bird this week but here's an example of the 90-250 with the EC20 shot wide open at f/5.6.

Gila WP - Tucson, AZ

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