The Regrets of Photography

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A Reply To Everyone

It has been incredibly interesting reading everyone's responses to my post, and I appreciate you all taking the time to do so.  When I posted it I knew there were going to be two types of replies; those who have their own regrets and those that believed I should have made the most of the moment using what I had.

To those that posted the first type of reply I thank you for sharing, I did enjoy reading your vivid accounts of moments you wished you could have done differently.  I know this is probably only going to be the first of many for me, but as with a lot of things the first time is often the most difficult.

To those who posted the second type of response, I thank you also for bringing me back to the real world.  I am normally a very logical person, and almost always would have thought to myself to stop and enjoy the moment rather than missing it altogether.  Yesterday morning, before this happened I had been out with shooting as my sole intention, yet I seemed to be having one of those days where nothing really works.  I came back and I was just a little disappointed with everything, and instead of being pleased with what I had I could only see things I had done wrong.  I guess on sight of the sunset something inside of me saw this as a way to make up for the morning's misses, and when that fell through my frustration got the better of me.

Thank you all for helping me clear my head on this moment, once again these forums have to me shown themselves to be truly helpful and insightful in all aspects of photography.

Thank you, Matthew

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