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bjmike wrote:

My backup camera is a Leica DL6. It's a fine camera and small enough to carry around all the time (if I don't always attach the bulky EVF). Still, it's not in any way comparable to the XE! (or to my older & now sold Panny GX1 w/5 lenses. The resolution, versatility, IQ, and so on were better by quite a bit w/the GX1; the Fuji XE1 is a big improvement over that, let alone the DL6 (which itself is an improvement over the Leica DL$).

The FujiX100S would have better IQ than either of the Leicas, but be less versatile (i.e., fixed lens), but also considerably bigger. The XE! is a sorta gateway into a much larger system and, depending on what you want to use it for, can be a pro-level tool.

At least that's the way I look at it.


Logically you are correct of course. I was in no way comparing the cameras size or IQ. Simply that when not wanting to carry my two mft bodies an half dozen lenses, I fall back to my Leica. That has been my camera of choice when wanting to travel light yet still be able to capture a decent picture. I see the Fuji x100S as its replacement, not on a feature by feature basis but as an easily carried, better picture making machine.

As you say the XE-1 is a gateway camera to the X-system. At this time I'm still using the mft system, the X100S is an addition not a replacement. Heck, I'll undoubtedly keep the DL4 as really love that little thing. Even if it doesn't see much use.


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