A leap of faith.

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Re: A leap of faith.

I have had this one for about a year and a half. I just love it to death.
Often I have looked at you pictures and wished you'd had this lens, as the quality is just on another level versus the sigmas or the 50-200. I am really looking forward to seeing some of Africa through this lens.

I found it great with the x1.4, not bad with the x2, but at 500mm F4 in a zoom it is probably a top performer for the format.

I posted a couple from my gallery below. Some with the 1.4 tele attached. I think they are all OOC JPEGs, so zoom in on the originals for full effect.
Can't wait for the PDAF oly to arrive. Unlike Collin I've bought the 35-100 for $900, a 7-14 F4 and an 8mm fish for $1200, and the 14-35 for 1150 refurbished from oly in the last six months. I just need the 300 to round out my collection of SHGs, but I'll wait for a while since the 90-250 is so great.

Congratulations. This is an opportunity that you have been blessed with.

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