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SushiEater wrote:

Here is what D800 can easily do and 5D3 can't without banding and excessive noise.

this is a typical method of extreme ETTL (expose on left) that you exposed on highlight and then push a severely unexposed photo many stops back, not a good method in general.  nobody disputes by doing the same this way, Nikon wins hands down.  But I will not do this way.


Resulted a severely underexposed photo with your main subject (80% of scene) buried in deep dark shadow.

Processed. Small picture does not do it justice. And there is something wrong with DPR displaying pictures because on my screen in PS6 the same picture has a lot more contrast.

by extreme shadow lifting we see typical consequence of side effects - surreal look, distorted color tonality, excessive noises/grains that I already can see with such small size, would be very obvious if you export large size.  This is a scene you should use better technique - GND or reverse GND filter along the horizontal line.  Sure the right top small mountain area will be a bit darker but that doesn't have much details in your photo anyway.  However the vast 80% of your lower part areas will have much more details, cleaner and will have better color tonality if you expose correctly.  Another unimpressive sample of showing bad technique.  If you want show us D800 shadow pulling ability - yes it's impressive and we have seen enough such deep dark shadow pulling games, but not impressive from perspective of final photo's IQ.

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