X100s or X-E1

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Re: X100s or X-E1

Or just get both - the older X100 is going for about 500-600 used or about half the price of the X100s. People are just dumping them and going for newer models.

The X-E1 will most likely drop in price again when the X-M1 and X-A1 reaches the stores. Wait a bit and I am sure there will be more deals to be had.

Also have a look at the GR as an option to the X100 - approx. 28mm F2.8 lens - same sensor size as the X100.

Canadianguy wrote:

Size or flexibility - that is really the choice.

If you don't use VF - then wait for the new X-M1 or even the rumoured X-A1 - will be even cheaper but no VF and a little bigger size until the pancake lenses come out.

bgbs wrote:

It is devastating to choose between these two cameras. X100s seems to be the dream cam, but I'm afraid about the prime built in lens. It seems like a limitation for average photography work. Maybe I'm overthinking it?

X-E1 on the other hand allows for interchangeable lenses, but why is it $200 less? Is it because the sensor is worse?

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