As an avid m4/3 (and other ILC) user, let me chime in here....

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Re: tecnoworld - its time to stop these Cheap Trolling activities

You are offending, while I never did. Besides I always used the magic "imo" words next my opinions. So for you if I say that, for me, the nx300 is better than other cameras I'm violating the forum rules? May you please point me to those rules I'm violating? Thx.

I'm just pointing out that a camera that's highly underrated and mostly unknown is very, very good. If you don't want to know that, please ignore me. I'm bot trolling nor offending. If I see a thread where ppl are all "wowing" about a camera that I consider worse than another one, I just dare to say: hey, have you tried this other one as well? For me it's better.

It's just like you are eating pasta and claiming it's the best of all foods, and zI say: try also sushi, it could impress you (or you also could not like it, but at least give it a try!).

If this offends you, then it's not my fault!

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