As an avid m4/3 (and other ILC) user, let me chime in here....

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tecnoworld - its time to stop these Cheap Trolling activities


My mission, in all the fields, is to do what I can to help ppl to get aware. Of course, I'm not aware of everything as well, so I'm glad when ppl in turn help me to get aware.

In this case, I'm aware the nx300 is much better than eos-m, that is worse even than the older nx200.

I do admire your dedication to Samsung and your endless attempt at Cheap Trolling across Sony NEX, Micro43, and now EOS-M forum.

But please STOP!

  1. It amount to nothing more than trolling
  2. You're violating the forum rules, please read it again.
  3. If you're not here to talk about EOS-M, and about Samsung, then its trolling
  4. You're not helping - your cheap attempt hurt Samsung more than it help. And you do so by annoying every NEX, M43, and Canon users alike
  5. Its embarassing

I hope M43 / NEX / and othe users would see your post and report you as often as you post yet another Samsung promotion. Are you a Samsung shell? Shouldn't you be busy promoting Galaxy S4 and trashing Iphone 5 instead?

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