Cheap, light pic viewer for package holidays ???????

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Re: And the winner is . . . . . . .

Jerry045 wrote: Cyril: Try going into your settings menu. Look for STORAGE and see if there is a selection to MOUNT the SD card.

I have run into a few applications where other folks having the TAB 2 needed to MOUNT the D card before it could be used.

Another thought... Can you SEE the SD card when you connect the charging/USB cable to your PC? It should show up as a removeable drive.

If all else fails, you might have a bad SD card. Did you try the SD card in your camera (with an adapter)? If the card worked in your camera, you may have buggered your contacts.

I have seen no problems with my Galaxy Tab 2. I have a ton of photos stored on the SD card.

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Thanks, Jerry. That has explained some of the mystery. My empty microSD card mounts in the TAB 2 and appears empty. It also mounts when placed in the card reader in my printer, and appears on my computer as empty.

But the microSD card onto which I loaded all my travel info does NOT mount on the TAB 2. Nor, when placed in the card reader in my printer, does it appear on my computer, although it does appear on the printer (!?), which allows me to step through all the files on it, and asks which picture or document I wish to print. Also, (i) when placed in a USB card reader and attached to my computer it fails to appear on my computer, and (ii) when placed in the SD card reader of the TAB 2's USB connector kit, I get a brief message about corruption and it fails to mount. Which seems to confirm that the microSD card's connections are ok, but its firmware is corrupted.

Ah, the joys of the digital world!

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