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technic wrote:

spacemn wrote:

RF primes not suitable on digital sensors and only a small selection of lenses work with the Leica?! Tell me, how many FF E-mount lenses will satisfy you??

As I mentioned higher up, Leica is not a good comparison because the digital M works with a limited series of lenses and the sensor (microlenses etc.) has been specially adapted for that. Ask Sony NEX users how good legacy RF WA lenses work on the NEX7 (bad corners, hue shift, vignetting etc., and NEX7 isn't even full frame). Yes, legacy primes and tele lenses that are not too bright often work pretty well (they are telecentric almost by definition), but you will need WA lenses too and that is where the big problem is.

Zeiss has plenty of experience making RF lenses for short flange cameras, I'm sure they together with Sony can figure out to build FF lenses for FF NEX. If you think only Leica can do it and not Sony, suit yourself, but it may help you go see some VG900 pics taken with RF glass and it may change your mind.

Again, digital is VERY different from film. Zeiss does NOT have a full line of lenses for a new FF mirrorless camera available. I'm sure they could do it, but at a huge cost. Just slapping a new mount on existing DSLR or film RF designs is not the solution.

If only your claims were founded in facts. Yes the NEX-7 is the only NEX which has some colour cast issue with very wide RF lenses (which has been addressed in the last FW upgrade), but what has that to do with a FF NEX?? Likely the 7's extreme pixel pitch and thus diff. micro lens setup causes this shift, but for a FF sensor having the same pixel pitch we would get 54 Mpix. A 36Mpix FF NEX would have the same pixel size of the NEX-6 which is super companion with RF glass.

This is how NEX-VG900 fairs with RF glass:

Even the Voigtlander 15mm/4.5 is looking good on the VG900. I am not quite understanding your high scepticism here, are your current investments in danger if Sony releases a FF NEX?? Not sure why you are even in this forum if you are not even slightly bit excited over what Sony is doing in these years.

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