How to learn Windows 8?

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Re: How to learn Windows 8?

HDProman wrote:

I just purchased a Windows 8 laptop for my granddaughter who is starting college in the fall. She is able to use Windows 8, but just barely. She is not inclined to read an owner's manual of any kind, so I would like to teach myself Windows 8 and then be able to help her.

My own desktop is running Windows 7 Professional and I am inclined to read an owner's manual.

I searched Amazon for Windows 8 in books and of course the results where numerous, just not possible for me to make an informed decision about any one book.

How should I go about learning Windows 8, books, online tutorials, download videos or what.

Please give me a recommendation based on your personal experience.

Thanks, Floyd, a 67 year old grandpa.

For those that are so used to using XP, Vista, and Win 7, This is my suggestion for getting used to Windows 8.


When Windows 8 first starts up it will give you the "Metro" screen.. (it is, in my mind the ugliest opening screen I have EVER dealt with..)

On this screen there are a lot of Icons for stuff you probably wont use... right click on them and one of the choices you get is to UNPIN from the start screen... do it!

One of the icons is "Desktop".... Click it and you are now on familiar ground.. the traditional desktop (without a "Start" button or ICON).

Go ahead and install some of your favorite programs.  They will put icons on your desktop (and on the metro screen).

I have a lot of software installed (more than 30 programs) and I dont like that many icons splattered around, so I make folders labeled "Photo" for Lightroom, photoshop, etc, and Music for my mp3 editors and players et al..

I end up with 10 folders clearly labeled and easy to find..

from there, Windows 8 is a "piece of cake".

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