As an avid m4/3 (and other ILC) user, let me chime in here....

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Re: As an avid m4/3 (and other ILC) user, let me chime in here....

papillon_65 wrote:

AdamT wrote:

You`ll need to shoot RAW and use a decent converter like Capture one but it`ll beat the OMD for detail, DR and high ISOs by quite a margin.

Hmmm, I don't think so. DXOmark score the OMD higher and it's a stop better at base ISO on dynamic range. This pretty much matches my experience of both these cameras. The OMD has better highlight recovery for sure in it's raw files. These two are very close but the OMD sensor is better, no doubt in my mind and I do own and use the EOS-M. Canon need to improve the dynamic range on their sensors though they are good for other things, such as detail and colour IMHO.

the JPG engine sadly is typical canon APS-C - loaded with unnecessary detail killing NR at base ISO (amazingly it`s actually quite rational at high ISOs when turned to LOWest) .. if you`re a Staunch JPG only shooter who runs from RAW files as fast as possible them from what I`ve seen the OMD will beat it easily and be the better bet, at lower ISOs anyway . I really wish that Canon and Sony would STOP loading their low ISO JPGs with NR , the Canon site 70D samples are even worse than the M or 550/600/650D for it .

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great to read, this reasurring info you wrote, papillon!
so glad I sold the M5 7 months ago and never looked back at that damn m43 system. and as i look at photos on the web, dxomark values, still the technically most advanced and yet most affordable camera with the best sensor, lowest weight and highest output quality for it's money is the SONY NEX 5N, which i ended up using in a pair.
when you couple it with a speed booster and quality CANON EOS lenses, you get a mini system with the image quality, depth, light-gathering level as you get from a modern FF camera. btw.. The DR on the 5N is even higher than that of the Canon 6D or 5DM3. And as I shoot with stabilized EOS primes, I don't care about that stupid high ISO quality that is so in these days...
thank God for SONY!

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