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@wootang - please post some Olympus E-PM2 vs Canon EOS-M comparison

wootang wrote:  I purchased the E-PM2 refurbished from an online reseller with expectation that the vastly improved sensor would make me happier with the images. The way in turned out I got the EOS-M a day before the E-PM2 arrived. I have been impressed with the images and I'm familiar with the menus/etc, but I found the focus still slow. Then the E-PM2 arrived. The focus speed on the Olympus was lighting fast compared to the Canon. However, I was still unimpressed with the files from the Olympus.

When you get a chance, I would love to see some comparison jpeg photo of the 2 camera on tripod side by side.  I want to see (real or hype) the Olympus jpeg engine vs canon default jpeg engine.  Imho, canon is better, color is flatter but more realistic.  Where Olympus win is in the extra (or over-process) Blue Sky.  Canon tend to render sky in light-blue-grey, where as Olympus tend to process its jpeg with over boost blue to create deep blue sky.  I wonder if that difference still holds true today.

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