Moiré disaster on the E-5

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Re: By "weak AA filter"...

rovingtim wrote:

I agree that at higher resolutions there are other things in the optical chain that can act as a very poor AA to remove aliasing. However, if the image is in focus and sharp, you get exactly the same aliasing problems at 100% on high resolution cameras as you do at low resolution cameras.

Well, no, you don't.  The reason is that diffraction, at the pixel level, also begins to act as a type of AA filter.  Indeed, the ideal pixel count for a sensor, in terms of IQ, is a pixel count so high that there is no need for an AA filter at all, as diffraction, even wide open, will do the job.

However, let's assume an aperture wide enough that diffraction is a non-issue on the pixel level.  Then yes, you are correct, for 100% viewing of the photo.  However, when viewing the photos at the same size, the photo made from more pixels will render the scene considerably more accurately than the photo made from fewer pixels.  The question, of course, is if the display size, viewing distance, and visual acuity such that the difference can be seen.

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