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First of all I archived the last session shot with D800 and 7D only so I can't post those now.

I got 5D3 4 months ago and did not have a chance yet to shoot in that low light but I will actually next week. So remind me and I will post comparisons after 2 Sunday from now.

It looks like you still don't understand what is going on. These rectangular rooms with 20 foot ceilings are divided in half.The only light in these room are coming from small sconces pointed at the ceiling. No windows.

One half of the room has red carpet/step-&-repeat and I can use as much flash as I want. You can see that portion behind the actor in the picture below.
The other half of the room has round tables packed with interviewers sitting at the tables and actors being interviewed few at the time per each table. Some interviewers take video, some just record sound.

Normally I am shooting at the red carpet only but I know publicists so I am allowed to shoot at the tables as long as I don't disturb others. No flash and no loud shutter. Most of the time I have to be outside the table and not get in the way of actors being moved between the tables for a 5 minute interview. And I have to be invisible and quiet as a mouse otherwise I am taking a chance of being kicked out.

Just to show you how low the light is here is pretty bad picture from 7D at 3200 ISO F1.4 practically destroyed by the noise. Spot metered on the face at 1/250. This was shot while I was setting up the camera. The good shots I shot at 1600 ISO and 1/125 speed throwing away 95% of those because of the motion blur. Antony laughed a lot.

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