Moiré disaster on the E-5

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Re: Nope, you're wrong :)

seilerbird666 wrote:

Stacy you do not understand what moire is. It is a distortion between two different sets of lines.

It's a pattern created by the juxtaposition of other patterns.  In the OP's case, it is a matter of the white spots going in and out of phase with the resultant pixels; white rings where the resultant pixels came from white spots, and black rings when they came from black background.  It has nothing to do with the monitor directly; the only affect the monitor has is that the OS knows what the monitor resolution is, and the app uses this information to know what the pixel dimensions of its display area are.  Two completely different monitors, with the same pixel count, will give the same moire.  Two windows of the same size on monitors with different resolutions will also give different results.  The only way that a monitor can directly cause moire is if the monitor is getting a resolution from the graphics chip that is not its native resolution, and the monitor scales it, but this generally only happens with TV monitors, and they usually have built-in scaling that doesn't create moire.

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