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SushiEater wrote:

I am not shooting static subjects. I shoot interviews in a very dim light without flash trying to get 1/160 at 3200 ISO using 70-200mm F2.8 or 120-300mm F2.8. Very dull light situation. Lets put it this way, light is so low sometimes that in the 50 foot room if I am standing at one wall I can't clearly see who is standing at the other. Can't go to the brighter fix lens because I never know where I am going to end up. Interviewers don't like camera shutter sound so I end up shooting at the long end of the lens and I need to isolate the subject anyway so

OK, I can imagine such dim light studio environment with subject (people involved in interviews) under studio spotlight. You'd just need to expose correctly on your subject and you don't need to lift shadows at sides and background. I don't see why Canon cameras are in disadvantage in such scenes. In addition 5D3 and 6D quiet shutter is a big advantage over D800/D600 in this case.

During interviews people move quite a bit so even at 1/160 I get a lot of photos with movement. BTW, 1/160 is already 2 stops underexposed. If I expose correctly I would get something like 1/30-1/40 speed with 100% blur. And this is the best case. I have seen as low as 1/15.

I am not clear what point you are trying to make? Can you post few samples and explain why Nikon cameras have advantages in this case, because of better AF or because you'd need to lift shadows?

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