Pentax Q10/7 better images, worse build-quality than original Q?

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Re: Pentax Q10/7 better images, worse build-quality than original Q?

RichRMA wrote:

Did Pentax really take an axe to body build quality after the original Q? What changed?

Obviously, Pentax changed material. "Take an axe to body build quality" seems like melodramatic overstatement and highly illogical. Pentax has a reputation to protect. Bringing a camera to market with a body so cheapened and compromised that it would be accurate to say the camera had an ax taken to it could ruin the brand's reputation. I credit Pentax decision makers with being smarter than that.

Polycarbonate has proven successful in a wide range of applications subject to much greater wear, tear and worse hard knocks than most cameras are subjected to. For example, firearms used by law enforcement and combat soldiers.

The original Q's MSRP struck many as way too high for a camera with such a small sensor, terrific look and feel notwithstanding. I'm sure you heard or read the meme, "Why, for that kind of money I can get a DSLR with a giant economy size sensor and two zoom lenses at Priceco!"

Some claim Pentax originally intended to use a 1/1.7 sensor in the Q but for some reason wasn't able to or decided not to. I assume the larger sensor costs more, and that in moving toward the company's original goal of employing a larger sensor, a decision was made to dispense with metal in favor of less-costly polycarbonate. A bigger sensor in a less costly body seems like a reasonable response to  competitive realities and consumer standoffishness. (Keep in mind, too, that the Q came out at a time when a whole lot of consumers were feeling used and abused because of the economic meltdown.)

It remains to be seen how much IQ improvement the Q7's 1/1.7 sensor will yield. I'm not dissatisfied with the original Q's IQ, but if it turns out the Q7 delivers noticeably better images, other things being equal, I will probably get one. The Q7's polycarbonate body won't put me off at all.

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