Moiré disaster on the E-5

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Re: Nope, you're wrong :)

Stacey_K wrote:

seilerbird666 wrote:

One of the first basic programs I wrote back in the early 80s created moire patterns.

The problem is not with the camera.

The problem is not with the software.

The moire pattern is caused by interference between the lines on the suit and the lines of pixels on your monitor. Look at the image on a different monitor and it will act differently. That is why most of us here cannot see the problem, we are viewing it on different monitors.

I don't agree. I opened the original file in CS2 and no moire at 100% or 50%. At 33% it was pretty ugly. I then down sampled the file to the same 33% size using bicubic and no moire viewed at 100% after being made 33% of the original size. If what you say is true, the moire would still be there after down sampling to the same size I saw the moire patterns previewing it in PS. These "preview down samplers" are written for speed of rendering, not for quality. It's why they can create ugly artifacts. You can never go by what you see in them, especially in sizes other then divisible by 2 ones. If I need to get a decent preview at less than 100% I always use 50%, 25%, 12.5% etc.

Stacy you do not understand what moire is. It is a distortion between two different sets of lines.

Those two sets of lines are on the suit and the lines on the monitor. There is simply no other way moire can happen. You want proof? Conduct those same tests on a totally different monitor and you will get totally different results.

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